Current Date: 30 July, 2021

Here's What Americans Think Of Famous Billionaires

Here's What Americans Think Of Famous Billionaires

Hot on the heels of fellow billionaire Richard Branson, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos blasted into space this morning. He traveled onboard New Shepard, a rocket ship developed by his company Blue Origin. The capsule had the largest windows ever launched into space, affording Bezos and his crew spectacular views of planet Earth. In an interview before the launch, with CBS News, Bezos said "I'm excited. People keep asking me if I'm nervous. I'm not really nervous, I'm curious. I want to know what we're going to learn."

Excitement is in short supply in some quarters, however, with a petition not allowing Bezos to return to planet Earth garnering more than 160,000 signatures by launch day.

According to a recent YouGov poll, the U.S. public does not have a particularly positive opinion of the Amazon founder with 49 percent saying they find him very or somewhat unfavorable. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is even more widely disliked with YouGov finding that 6 out of every 10 Americans find him very or somewhat unfavorable.

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With states everywhere 'defunding the police', we suspect these billionaires will be increasing their private security crews because...

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